Avatanium Ambassador's Second Participation Guide

We do not force participation in public relations ambassadors. Judge yourself. Participants basically compensate for Level 3 Air drop after listing. Ambassador 1st Pass List

1. Participants freely write and post text and media on the theme of Avatanium on the participant's CoinmarketCap community account.
2. Share the posts on the participants Twitter and Facebook account.
3. Submit posts to Avatanium.
4. It is basic to share on the participant's Facebook and Twitter accounts.
5. You can also evaluate Telegram, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Medium, Reddit, Pinterest, etc.
6. You can evaluate official avatanium channels, Twitter and Facebook retweets and sharing

As an Avatanium companion, it's very easy if you have a passion for success. thank you

Ambassador 1st Pass List

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